what is SF

A cultural movement that emerged in the modern world and was built on the millennia of previous culture and civilization. Books, movies, music, video games in our age are becoming scientific and fantastic. Receive a scientific interpretation but also a fragment of scientific fiction. The culture is structured in bits of information, in clusters of ideas, in versions and models of operation, in techniques and designs, in various technologies, in levels of abstraction, in radical destructures of structure.

Authors, artists, modern researchers are obsessed with digging into the internal structure of culture as if they were looking for a vast cultural void, an original substrate, the starting point. Their predecessors created culture but they are attracted and immersed in metaculture.

The science-fiction literature is scientific insofar as it approaches rigorously and rationally everything that is known about the universe and itself and fictive insofar as it does not have a sufficient explanation for everything that has not yet been elucidated.

nature of SF

destructure of structure

the universe as a data catalog

the human history behind the mysteries

the reality behind the myths

the cultural overcoming of the times

two paradigms. two civilizations

emergence of X civilization 

the utopian course of seemingly ordinary phenomena

human voices that have been misunderstood in history

technology and visionary spirit

reconceptualized historical meanings

human characters with bizarre personality

And the great part of science fiction is the suspense created when you learn more about something previously unknown.

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