psychic mirror

Books are parallel universes that remain to be explored.

Soul is a variable amount of passion.

Beyond your world, whatever it is, is ignorance where you are.

What catches my attention is life simply because I was born.

Thoughts make me think of many things but never of themselves.

First you need to understand why you wanted something and only then to possess what you wanted.

Primordial mental skills that you have practiced for a long time became so powerful and not because they would be so a priori.

When you have completely forgotten an artwork, you can contemplate it again.

Sometimes we do not understand things that seem quite simple to us afterwards. We wonder how that easy idea did not come to our mind. I wonder how often this situation happens in our life.

If we may understand things exactly when they happen and not after consuming them then we would be intelligent to the fullest.

The hardest things to understand are just things you can't see to admit their existence.

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