existential philosophy

The material world is not only material.

The fundemental structure of life is an action who reproducts itself.

Reality is reality of my conscience.

In fact, the word absurd means something empty, the absurd is an "empty box". The good part of this situation is that you have the chance to put what you choose in that box

Life seems to be an absurd form of manifestation of a universal substance, whatever it is, whether material or not. Its meaning is an artificial extension. The sense of life seems to be an unconscious motivation to live in a world as it is. 

If repetion means to do constantly the same thing then we are talking about the bleak side of life.

The correct meaning of life seems to be a conscious decision about how to be.

Life is a sum of needs that must be met periodically but also an opportunity to feel and live new sensations and challenges.

If the final level of reality is information, then things have the opportunity to travel back and forth in time.

The height of banality is when a long and usually arduous human life is described by an epigraph on the grave, in the end.

I feel it is my work to comment on life.

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