Homo Universe

About Journey

We're traveling in life so we must meet more and more people to part with all till the last one but we meet with them unexpectedly on the street, at the entrance to a building, in the waiting room of an office, in a shop. That man who looked familiar to us we will watch him a few seconds to smile and maybe relive something and then go on our way. Finally, we just get life experiences, personal experiences and unknown to others.

Cosmic path

In the cosmic dust we found gravity.
In the gravity we found bodies of matter.
In the matter we found energy.
In the energy we found vacuum.
In the vacuum we found conscience.
In the conscience we found goal.
In the goal we found absurdity.
In the absurdity we found nonsense.
In the nonsense we found the end.
In the end we found non-existence.
In the non-existence we found impotency.
In the impotency we found dreaming.
In the dreaming we found insufficiency.
In the insufficiency we found imagination.
In the imagination we found hope.
In the hope we found disappointment.
In the disappointment we found pain.
In the pain we found suffering.
In the suffering we found destiny.
In the destiny we found hate.
In the hate we found immersion.
In the immersion we found obsession.
In the obsession we found madness.
In the madness we found disease.
In the disease we found vulnerability.
In the vulnerability we found alternative.
In the alternative we found ingenuity.
In the ingenuity we found possibilities.
In the possibilities we found chances.
In the chances we found fate.

In fate we found the rejection of fate.

In the rejection of fate we found beyond the rules.

Communication nets

I am not the first person who claims that people talk to each other but not communicating. Our potential to communicate is directly proportional to the emotional experience that caused that act of interpersonal communication. Typically, we are biological mechanisms who unconsciously communicate. We use thousands of symbols, verbal images, expressions without understanding none of these concepts, in the end. Even our ability to communicate is reduced. Meaning invested in a lexeme is never self-sufficient: there is always room for interpretation, especially if you do not know the context in which a word was spoken. Our faculty to operate with concepts and definitions is also problematic. In fact, we do not define a term other than to replace a word with multiple words. In this context, a definition seems more designed to suggest then to explain.

Communication is a huge amount of linguistic and semiotic combinations to be taken into account if we want to establish a connection between people. Revealing function and creative communication is the interpersonal connection which implies transformation of expressions in cognitive arousals which are voluntary actions of single individuals, members of a community. In this context, the skill of communication is to formulate a vision, a network of concepts in ways increasingly more complex, extravagant.

Certainly, in the broad sense, communication goes beyond social and cognitive limits. It is the usual form of interaction between the biological world and the other components of the universe and how matter and information become one and the same thing.

world of summer rain

a SF novella

A book about the humanized blend of fiction and reality from the psyche of a human being. Reality is mentally dissociated by this being through psychological immersion in the abyss of self to end in the irreconcilable avidity of which it suffers, the avidity fed by the profound feeling of deprivation induced by the seemingly hostile and indifferent cosmos about individual aspirations.


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