social philosophy

There are no human relationships but there are emotions, opinions, beliefs, conflicts in their place.

The artist is that being who can wait enormously to create something new.

In fact, when we talk about changing the world in which we live, we refer unconscionsly to creating our own world.

People have created genuine cultures from the senses of interpreting reality.

Human mind. Human history. Human destiny.

The downfall of an era is when people are aware of its system errors.

People are trying to make themselves known to the world while other complex species are trying to hide from it.

Between two possible historical events we find alternative steps that we could have made as a civilization.

Resource traffickers are exponents of an intelligent species who believe that social prosperity does not depend on the integrity of the trophic network.

The postponement of the recycling of used objects starts from the logic of postponing a decision on their usefulness and role in that state.

Often we notice that the Earth is not a Paradise and only sometimes we notice that the vision is missing.
If you think you can jump over your level of society then you are just treating trivial the own individual condition.

Finally, what will remain after us, like global civilization, is not our tehnology, or advanced economy, or high complex social organization or another sublime hierarchy but our history. This unbelievable journey in time will be recorded by our archeological sites, archives, museums if somewhere in the sky is not already recorded by some structure of the universe like a cosmic memory.
Your own new idea is not always first appeared in society even it is yours.

People and places do not need citizenship to be together.

No countries, no national problems.

Some people try to live according to the age of their lives, and others try to live according to the future. Some validate their life priorities through the social trends of their generation, and others validate their choices through the utopian generations of the future. This is a paradox. But both sides have rational or ethical reasons behind them. I know one thing for sure from this paradox. What we choose today we will encounter in the future, and the future may be disappointed by what we choose today. 

Something true or original is never later to create. Only copies of older ideas become redundant to express them.

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