An inveterate conceptualist. I always want to exhaust every subject I touch. In a terrifying search for the perfect answer. Dissatisfied with any response I would not receive. Optimistic by vision, pessimistic in deeds. Obsessed with the emptiness of things. I am starting to break the semantic vacuum even if I think it is impossible and that there is nothing else besides it. Fascinated by a cosmic key that would explain, order and open all the doors but unable to believe and hope in it without rational evidence. I attach myself to concerns because I want too much to consume them. I can be hurt by ideas, I am vulnerable to them. I can be annihilated by some of them, especially by those I come to alone. I am dismayed by the grandeur of this universe but also by its insanity. I do not understand what is happening, where and when there will be a convergence of all its phenomena, but continue to follow it.

Interested in appreciating studies of history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, science, philology, graphic design. Literature reader. Passionate about the history of writing and coding the written language in various cultures over time.

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